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Winter Snow Removal Reminder

Posted November, 20, 2023

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The Town works to ensure residents and visitors can travel safely.

To facilitate the removal of snow from sidewalks and to prevent damage to private property, residents are required not to place cars, fences, posts, hedges, shrubs, driveway curbs or other obstructions on the road allowance. The Town will not be responsible for damage to items placed on Town property by property owners.

According to Parking Regulations within the Town of Gore Bay By-law No.2020-28:


No Person shall park a vehicle on any Highway or Parking area under the jurisdiction of the Town, between the hours of twelve o’clock in the morning (12 am) and eight o’clock in the morning (8am), during the period from the first (1st) day of November in one (1) year until the last day of March in the next year, except physicians on emergency calls and operators of Authorized Emergency Vehicles.

This ensures that the Town can completely remove snow from the streets from a snow event.

Vehicles in violation of this By-law will be towed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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