Transfer Station Policy

14591 Highway 542, Gordon, Ontario

The Town of Gore Bay and the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island are committed to recycling to divert the maximum amount away from a landfill.  The following guidelines apply to all residents.  Reducing the amount, we transport to Espanola will reduce our trucking costs.

As of September 1, 2020, you must have a Transfer Station Tag to enter the facility.  Vehicles without a tag will be turned away.  Only residents from Gore Bay and Gordon/Barrie Island will be issued a tag.

Transfer Station Hours:

Winter - September 16th – June 14th
Summer - June 15th – September 15th
Wednesday 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Monday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM
Wednesday 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM



Please compost at home all “wet garbage”, i.e. organic matter such as all food scraps and grass cuttings.

  1. In order to receive a tag for the Transfer Station, you must be an owner of property within the Municipality of Gore Bay or Gordon/Barrie Island.
  2. It is required that the Landowner (or Landlord) pick up a Transfer Station Tag.
  3. A $25.00 charge will be required for the replacement of a LOST TAG REPORTED and the log is filled in with new tag number to replace lost tag. The previous tag is voided on the record log.
  4. The Town of Gore Bay will not issue a tag for a vacant property. Gordon/Barrie Island will issue a tag for vacant land, but only if you have not received one for a residence or cottage.
  1. METAL FOOD/BEVERAGE CONTAINERS: Empty, rinse and place in commingle recycling bin.  Empty, dry paint cans with lids removed also accepted.
  2. ALUMINUM FOIL WRAPS & TRAYS: Rinse and crumple foil and trays.
  3. RIGID PLASTIC CONTAINERS: PLASTICS NUMBERED 1-7. Only rigid food, beverage, personal, pet care, and detergent containers. Empty, rinse, and remove lids.  Please check your containers.
  1. GLASS FOOD/BEVERAGE BOTTLES, JARS: Bag & Place with regular garbage.
  2. CARDBOARD: Store your waste cardboard in a dry place and bring it to the transfer site COLLAPSED. Place in the cardboard bins. (books, newspaper, single-layered cardboard included)
  3. WHITE METAL/SCRAP METAL: A bin is available at the transfer site for this material.  A tipping fee will be charged by the transfer site attendant.
  4. HAZARDOUS WASTES: Are not accepted at the transfer site.

All garbage which is non-recyclable must be placed in CLEAR garbage bags NO COLOURED BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE TRANSFER STATION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Garbage in “kitchen catchers” or tied into large clear plastic bags and the shopping bags will not be accepted.

Including, but not limited to diabetic needles WILL NOT be accepted.  Please check with local pharmacies and Medical Centre regarding disposal.

Waste from buildings being demolished or renovated WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED i.e. toilets, doors, windows, wood products, etc.).  You may contact Dodge Haulage (705) 869-3867 or GFL Environmental Inc. (705) 869-2447 to make arrangements to take to the Espanola Landfill.

Please remember that recycling and garbage handling and disposal is an expensive business and the more we can: “REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE” at home and divert from the transfer site, the lower the transportation costs will be for all concerned.

We look forward to your continued co-operation in our efforts to divert as much waste from our transfer station as possible.  We appreciate your efforts to date.  If you have any questions about recycling or your garbage, what’s recyclable and what’s not, or what we will take or not take, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, please discuss it with the Transfer Station Attendant or call (705) 282-7206.