The Gore Bay Fish and Game Club

The Gore Bay Fish & Game Club has been actively involved in collecting fish eggs and rearing fish through a permitting system provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fire (MNRF), Sudbury District office since 1986. To date this community based hatchery has planted approximately 3 million fish in and around Manitoulin Island which has greatly contributed to our tourist based economy and ultimately benefited all municipalities on Manitoulin.

Over the past 10 years the club has shifted their efforts to walleye stocking in Lake Kagawong in the hopes of establishing either a self reproducing fishery or an ongoing put and take fishery. Walleye and yellow perch are the two most sought after fish by anglers in Ontario.

Annually the clubs operating expenses related to the hatchery average $4500:00. All of the considerable time and labour associated with raising summer pond fingerlings to an advanced stocking size in a hatchery setting is donated by a small group of very dedicated volunteers. The Town of Gore Bay has been a partner of the club since the hatcheries start in 1986. Currently the club is at their second location in a building owned by the town. The towns annual contributions of in kind support by providing no cost rent and financial administration related to hatchery expenses saves the club at least an additional $1500:00 each year.

Annually the club needs to raise several thousands of dollars more to continue with their valuable stocking program for Lake Kagawong. The Town of Gore Bay is acting as the receiver of any financial donations that may be directed to the Gore Bay Game & Fish Club to support the hatchery. Any donations received will be used to cover expenses related to the operation of the hatchery only. To date two Western Manitoulin municipalities (billings and Gordon/Barrie Island have donated ($1000.00) each to assist with the annual fish rearing. 

If you would like to send a donation to the Gore Bay Fish and Game Club, please email